About Us

Picture of Fernbridge created into our logo. This bridge was built in 1910 across the Eel river in Fernbridge California. Humboldt County

Our journey with jerky started long before Humboldt’s Best Brand. In 1990, the chip and tortilla company we distributed for sold. Leaving us with nothing to put in our well established stores. So we scrambled to pick up and get something to sell. That’s when we were introduced to Oberto Jerky. We had eight products starting out and we were able to grow our business back from there.
We soon acquired more product lines such as Pemican Jerky, Pacific Coast Jerky which we still carry today, Slim Jim and our biggest line Old Trapper. With a growing market and the beginning to be a very competitive one, owner Steve Roberts had a plan, to carry a private label. His own privet label brand of beef jerky. Hence the” Humboldt’s Best Brand” logo was created… The idea was to bring in a reasonable price and quality product for the local community.

We thank each and everyone who has supported our dream!

                                                                                                                                                             The Roberts Family